Bridge Street Oilers

Saturday 4th May


Bridge Street Oilers is a passion project for four seasoned gigging musicians in Glasgow who wanted a band where they could dig into the past and focus on the songs that helped define and shape modern music.

Some classics will be familiar (The Weight, Ain’t No Sunshine), some delivered like you’ve never heard before (Hallelujah I Love Her So) and many will be new to you, but each and every one is peformed with sensitivity and devotion, a homage to the songs that made the Oilers fall in love with music in the first place.

Blues man Rob Graham and soul queen Katy Walsh intertwine their vocals and guitars, swapping phrases and lines at will, while the rhythm section of Emlyn Sherk and Matthew Magee ensure the groove never falters.

Uncover the roots of modern music in good company with the Bridge Street Oilers.

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 734 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow G11 7RD
 0141 339 1742